about us

RECORDPROOF was jointly developed by timeproof GmbH and informationpartners GmbH as the first digital container archive solution specifically for use in healthcare and industry.

Based on informationpartners NoSQL “all-in-one” database searchxml and the eRecApp’s from timeproof,  RECORDPROOF provides the technological platform to offer our partners and customers modern and innovative archive solutions.

About informationpartners GmbH

informationpartners GmbH is a leading provider of database software and information management solutions in the cloud and on-premise. Well-known customers from industry and public institutions have been successfully using our products and solutions for many years.

About timeproof GmbH

timeproof offers tamper-resistant transaction protection for trafficable documents, photo, audio and video for decades with sealing times below 1 second.
Long-term archiving service according to BSI “TR-ESOR”, eIDAS, OAIS and DIN 31647 and more than a decade of trust-center experience.